Why you should print your pictures

In 2014, when we were packing to sell our house, I came across this. Are you old enough to know what this is? A floppy disk. I hadn't seen one in awhile, but there it was, inside a box, inside the office cabinet. 

Do you know what's in it? Neither do I!

floppy disk

But 15 years ago, that's how we brought our files, pictures, and whatever else is in that floppy disk, to Canada, when we moved here from Brazil. Now, that floppy disk is useless.

I remember at that time, we brought some pictures too (that we scanned, because there was no digital yet), also in a CD! So modern... and that's already becoming obsolete as well. 

Last year I changed the way I do business, because I think it's important to have something tangible after the session. Prints don't become obsolete. I want my son, one day many years from now, to find a box of photographs, not a USB that he won't know what to do with. 

Everybody does it... the CD goes into the drawer to never again come out. I have had clients that never downloaded their pictures from their online gallery, one year after their session. Clients whose laptops were stolen or simply died, and they never got to print anything, and didn't have a backup. I have even done this myself. When my son got his first school picture, to my husband's dismay, I insisted on buying the CD with the prints. I framed the prints, sent to the grandparents, and that CD has yet to see the inside of my computer. 

Or the story I found online, about a woman who was finally going to print her wedding pictures, to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary. To her surprise, the pictures on the CD were from another wedding! In ten years, she had never put the CD on her computer to look at them! 

That's why you should have your portraits printed.